The sealant solution for aluminium cell liners.

The consequences from the degradation of refractory liners as well as the integrity and durability of insulation in aluminium smelter cells, are well known. Brick liners present an ongoing concern about costs and environmental mitigation and impact.

RefraSeal creates a tight seal on refractories minimizing penetration of crylitic, vapour or liquid from the electrolytic cell. In doing so, the deterioration of the cell is significantly reduced.

This sealant a highly durable membrane is created. The membrane acts as a barrier to the liquid and vapor bath, which in turn protects the insulation efficiently from gas penetration, while also mitigating its own degradation as well as that of the refractory bricks.

RefraSeal can thicken, protect and extend the life of cell cathodes leading to reduce output of toxic waste at alluminium smelters from discarded, contaminated brick liners.

Principal caracteristics
  • Creates a barrier between refractories and cathode thereby increasing safety, durability and lifespan of cells.

  • Single layer with protective capacity against harsh chemicals such as Na3AlF6 and its sodium fluoride vapors.

  • Promotes cells thermal stability during operation which increases cells life.

  • Reduces output of toxic waste from discarded liners.


RefraSeal can be used as bedding mix, slurry, paste or mortar, it is quickly and easily installed within existing plant designs and at very low cost. It is preferably to be installed on top of the closest BRO bricks to the cathode blocks.

RefraSeal represents a profitable investment to increase the life cycle of the cell but also an economic and environmentally sustainable input to the ecological traces left by the aluminum production.

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