OxyCir is an innovative coating system which decreases the severe oxidation suffered by the prebaked carbon anodes when exposed to the harsh conditions within an Aluminum
Electrolysis Cell.

The system acts as a physical barrier between the carbon and the environment keeping the oxygen away from the carbon surface and achieving the inhibition of the oxidation process at the exposed area. By applying Oxycir the anode surface highly reduces its permeability thus the reaction between the air and the carbon is practically avoided.

Oxycir represents a ground-breaking solution for one of the biggest problem in the aluminum industry. The excess carbon consumption caused by the air attack corresponds to at least quarter of the gross anode consumption. The dramatic area reduction suffers by the anode top section and the oxidation process experienced due to the extent of air burn depends mainly on the anode intrinsic air reactivity. With Oxycir the isolation of the anode surface from the environment is practically achieved so the carbon mass will be better preserved from the insertion of the anode in the cell and during the entire cycle.

By accomplishing this condition anode area available for the flow of current is increased so more aluminum will be produced per kg of carbon which corresponds to an increased in the net carbon consumption.

Oxycir remains as an external protection for the anode even when this one has completed its life cycle which means an increased in the total weigh of anodes buts. The coated anodes returned from the smelters for stripping, will have a bigger size than those recycled without being coated.

The system also guarantees a significant reduction in the impurities currently found in the anode butts once the coating is removed from the surface.

Since the butts for recycling have a better quality, the requirement of new prebaked anodes will decreased and consequently the raw material requirement as well as the production costs.

The impermeable feature of the anode coated with Oxycir can also minimize greatly the carbon dust produced as an effect of the internal attack suffered in the cell. This decrease will turn into less carbon contamination in the bath, hence a reduction in the resistivity of the bath would be perceived.

Oxycir is compatible with the bath and all the elements involved in the aluminum production process. No undesirable elements will be added to the bath when using the system.


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